Thursday, 1 March 2012

nikki mcwilliams.

Biscuits is the word of the day. A cup of good strong tea and a biscuit to dunk solves everything. Traditional and comforting. Today I went to a lecture and Nikki McWilliams was speaking. I loved her work and really wanted to share it. Her work is doing so well, which is no surprise as the designs are so quirky and cool. What I find fascinating is that she did her degree in fine art and yet is such a successful textile designer. It makes me have hope. Can't find a job? You create one and not only that but one that you love.

Biscuit anyone?

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  1. Hello tarka! Thanks so much for blogging about me and my work- I've added a link to your post to my blog post here:

    All the best with the rest of your studies!